Meet Olive.

Imagine the excitement I felt as I unwrapped this beauty, fresh from the goody bag that my boyfriend got from his recent Japan trip.

Last March 20-25, Nico (the beau), was currently situated in Tokyo when the Traveler’s Notebook company announced their newest color addition to their line of leather journals. Since he was looking for a TN of his own, I suggested that he get this color, being the tacticool guy that he is. Little did  knew that he got it for me as an early birthday present!

Therefore, as one of the first individuals here in the Philippines to receive the TN Olive Edition, let me just state that in this day and age of modern technology, keyboards, and apps, I still find beauty in the art of manual writing. Free from crashes and corrupts, there is just nothing more convenient than having to jot down my thoughts and experience during days that I’m far away from home.


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