Planning Japan Part 2.

DIYs are never easy.

But the reward of executing your plan, makes it all worth it. Take my experience of planning my first Japan trip. If you’re on a budget, then there’s no single travel agency that can help you. All you’ve got are your brains and the internet and you’re set to go!


Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016, I’ve spent Php40,000+ on my trip to 4 Japan cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. That amount includes my transportation, accommodation, food and shopping allowance! I’ll talk more about it on a separate post, but right now I just have to log my thoughts and progress on my upcoming Japan trip this fall 2017.

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First off: Routes.

We’ll arrive and exit at Japan’s main gateway – the Narita International Airport, and we’ve got exactly 12 days to maximize our trip so I’ve got a major planning to do (especially since I’m the only Nihonggo-speaking muggle in our group).

My friend requested that we go on Universal Studios to experience the world of Harry Potter, and the rest of the trip is up to me. I’m thinking of going back to Kyoto, since I’ve seen countless photos and animes depicting Autumn in Kyoto and they are all breath-taking! Included in this list are Nagoya, Gifu, Nagano, a scenic view of Mt. Fuji in the small town of Fujiyoshida, and back to Tokyo for Studio Ghibli, Tokyo Tower and some locations from the movie “Kimi No Na Wa”.

The first plan is to hop on a Sleeper train, the Sunrise Seto, that is bound to  Himeji (since it doesn’t stop in Osaka) once we land in Tokyo. Oha! Nakatulog ka na, nakarating ka pa sa pupuntahan mo! We’ll make a bit of sight seeing in Himeji, since we’re there, and then hop on a train to Osaka to grant my friend’s request of being at Hogwarts for a day.

There’s still so much to consider and I’m still in Phase 1, so I’ll leave this bit, but for now, this will be the base of the routing.

Second: the need to be organized.

I will just edit the Excel file that I did on my Japan Part 1 travel, which included the itinerary, projected and actual budget and some helpful links that I’ve encountered.

Originally, I got the template from Nina of, and it saved my life! I will post my Japan Part 1 itinerary here soon.

Documenting is a must.

So yeah, these are my initial plans along with budgeting for everything. I will post constant updates here, but to reiterate, this post is the framework of my DIY- travel to Tokyo – Himeji – Osaka – Kyoto – Nagoya – Gifu – Nagano – Fujiyoshida – Tokyo, a.k.a Japan 2017.


2 thoughts on “Planning Japan Part 2.

  1. Nina says:

    It’s always great to read about people finding what I’ve created useful! 😀 The Gifu Prefecture is an amazing destination to explore, and I’m happy to see it in your itinerary!


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